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    People and safety policy

    People working with Alumetal are one of its main assets. Our priority is to provide satisfactory work conditions, possibilities of professional improvement for employees and  to raise labour hygiene and safety standards. Alumetal Group’s policy is zero accidents in workplace.

    See: Health and safety policy
    See: Certificates

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    Implemented and certified quality management system compliant with  ISO/TS 16949 standard guarantees that our products fulfil the highest standards required by the automotive companies.  Decades of experience enable us to satisfy customer expectations and maintain top quality of our products. Accomplishment of these tasks  is the main target of the Alumetal Group’s strategy.

    See: Quality policy
    See: Certificates

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    Our business activities and development of our plants take place with respect for the natural environment.  Operation of all Alumetal Group’s plants  complies with the obtained integrated permits  for each plant as well as environmental protection regulations and requirements in force. All technological machines and devices fulfil BAT requirements.  

    See: Environmental policy
    See: Certificates

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    Alumetal Group has been producing secondary aluminium casting alloys since 1953 when a casting plant has been launched in  ZML Kety. More than 60-years’ experience in production and technological knowledge gained over the years  enable us to provide our customers not only with our products but also with the professional advice and knowledge of casting.

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    Good standards

    Business activities of Alumetal Group are based on the highest ethical standards, which are priority to us. We observe the fundamental ethical principles in all aspects of our operation. It increases business reliability and reputation of the company.

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    Flexibility and promptness

    Through three production plants and a broad number of cooperating transportation companies, Alumetal is able to quickly react to the changing needs of our customers, which is one of the most important values of our company. Prompt deliveries to automotive customers is the fundamental value determining reliability of a supplier.