The strategic goal of the Group is to achieve a systematic increase in sales from about 127 thousand tons in 2013 r. to the level of about 210 thousand tons in 2018.

The aim of the Group is to develop assets for the shareholders through increasing the sales volume of the products and maximizing profitability of the Group with simultaneous maintenance of its dividend capabilities.

The elements of the Group’s strategy that are to ensure achievement of the assumed goals include:


Increasing the sales volume of the products: 

Key actions aiming at increasing the sales volume of the products include:

  • increasing current production capacities of the three plants  
  • further business development through extension of the offer and increasing the sales of high value-added products 
  • increasing production capacity through launching a new production plant.


Maximizing profitability of the Group: 

Within the Group’s strategy Alumetal plans to focus on improvement of the profitability of the Group measured by EBITDA per 1 ton of sold products through the activities aiming at:

  • development of preparation system and further optimization of raw material management in the production process (metal management) as well as maximization of metallurgical capacity utilisation 
  • optimization of product offer (e.g. development of sale of master alloys)
  • maintenance of the cost efficiency through optimization of the production costs.