Alumetal Group is interested in cooperation with companies of scrap industry. Our suppliers are leading recycling companies operating on the Polish and European markets.  Alumetal Group imports scrap also from suppliers outside EU. 

Application of good practices in the process of obtaining scrap is a key issue to Alumetal Group.

Alumetal Group purchases Al scrap for its 4 production plants, whose location in Kęty, Gorzyce, Nowa Sól and Komarom (Hungary) enables our partners to apply optimal logistic solutions as far as scrap deliveries are concerned.  

We source all grades of aluminium scrap including, among others:

  • primary Al scrap (sector, offset, unalloyed sheets, profiles) and post-production scrap
  • castings
  • turnings 226, 231, 233, AlSi7, AlSi11, AlSi6Cu4, series 6000
  • taint tabor
  • Al can
  • Al wheel rim scrap
  • dross


as well as other metal scrap, such as:

  • copper scrap
  • titanium scrap.


The supplied scrap is thoroughly analysed in terms of its quality. The analysis includes checking its chemical structure and determination of the level of its impurity.  The scrap quality assessment process is carried out by the qualified experts. 


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