General information

Alumetal Group is the biggest producer of secondary aluminium casting alloys and aluminium for steel deoxidation on the Polish market and in the Central-Eastern Europe and the second biggest producer in Europe. In 2014 Alumetal Group  has 6% share on the European market of secondary aluminium casting alloys in terms of the sales volume.


The Group has fourproduction plants: in Nowa Sól, in Kęty, in Gorzyce and Komarom. Total production capacities of the Group amount to 250.000 tons per year, out of which the plant in Nowa Sól produces 75.000 tons, the plant in Kęty – 62.500 tons the plant in Gorzyce – 52.500 tons and the plant in Komarom – 60.000 tons. In the opinion of the Management Board, the biggest plant of the Group located in Nowa Sól is the most advanced production plant  producing  secondary aluminium casting alloys in Europe.

Sales to the domestic market was on the level of 32,4% in terms of volume in 2018, whereas in terms of export the majority of products is supplied to the European market. Alumetal Group supplies its products to the leading producers of cars and car components in Europe of a big production potential and the highest quality requirements.  Alumetal Group has an extensive database of customers, among which the most important ones are large automotive corporations. Apart of the customers from automotive industry to which the Group supplied 88,6% of its production in 2018, Alumetal supplies its products also to the customers from the building industry, the producers of domestic appliances, machinery and to the steel market sector.   

Furthermore, Alumetal Group produces the supplementary materials used in casting and steel industry (fluxes, refiners, tempering salts, modifiers, insulating casting powders and casting binders) in T+S sp. z o.o.  The supplementary materials are used both in the production process of aluminium casting alloys and master alloys manufactured in the plants belonging to the Group, and are also supplied to the customers.


Alumetal Group organisational structure:

Alumetal S.A.




Alumetal Poland
Sp z o.o.

Plant Kęty
Plant Gorzyce
Plant Nowa Sól


T+S Sp z o.o.


Group Hungary Kft.