Fluxes and salts

The Alumetal Group's offer is complemented by fluxes and salts manufactured by the chemical division T+S Sp.zo.o. located within the area of Kęty Factory. The aim of the division is not only selling the products included in the basic offer, but also constant search for solutions following the development of the smelting and casting industries. In order to find the detailed offer, please visit their website: www.tsalumetal.pl


Products for casting industry:

  • covering and refining slags for aluminium and copper alloys
  • modifiers and refiners
  • calcium, magnesium and sodium removers
  • quenching salts
  • covering, cleaning and deslagging agents for furnaces
  • casting binders


Products for smelting industry:

  • insulating casting powders
  • insulating and refining casting powders 
  • starting casting powder for electric furnaces (EBT) outlets 
  • starting casting powder for slide gate outlets of casting ladles
  • desulfurizing casting powders
  • synthetic slags
  • granular and briquette steel deoxidants


Chemical materials:

  • potassium chloride
  • sodium chloride
  • ammonium chloride
  • aluminium fluoride
  • calcium fluoride
  • cryolite
  • others


Mixing and briquetting services

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