Environmental Protection and Labour Hygiene and Safety

Environmental Protection and the rules of Labour Hygiene and Safety have become a systematic feature of Alumetal Group’s policy. 

We are aware that the production processes carried out in the Alumetal plants may have impact on the environment, therefore we always respect the regulations and other provisions in force concerning environmental protection when conducting our business activities.

Alumetal Group takes actions in order to provide safe work conditions and comply with the binding legal requirements related to labour safety. We identify the risks at particular workstations as well as we define the occupational hazards.

Our priorities include health and life of our employees and safe work conditions for each position in the company.      .

The company strongly emphasizes safety and hygiene at work not only of its own employees but also of the outside workers carrying out their works in the company facilities. We take every effort to provide healthy and safe work conditions in all out plants. We take up actions to prevent accidents at work and health hazards.