In addition to aluminium alloys and master alloys, the Alumetal Group's sales offer includes various kinds of scrap metals and wastes that are the by-products of the manufacturing process. 

Scrap metals according to PN-85/H-15000

  • N4 – scrap metal in the form of chips 
  • N5 – scrap metal for shear baler cutting, thickness above 10 mm 
  • N7 – spatial scrap metal, large-size, acquired from scraping, thickness above 4mm 
  • N10 – mixed scrap metal

Non-ferrous scrap metal

  • ZnAl zinc castings, ZL3 and ZL5 class according to PN-80/H-87102 
  • Magnesium castings 
  • Stainless steel, E11 class
  • Brass scrap 

Aluminium dross of 20-65% content of aluminium, content of free Fe up to 1%.

Fines -  fine-grained aluminium scobs and swarf; granulation below 0,6 mm.


  • odpady alumetal
  • odpady alumetal